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JoAnn C. Smith


What is Therapy:

I believe therapy must provide a safe place and time for a person to surface and heal deeply personal, painful, shameful, and or angry feelings.  You should experience unconditional postivie regard.  It does not include the prescribing of medication (although referrals may be made to a person who can do this) and it does not include condemnation or solving all your problems.  It does include helping you develop the resources to be your best self and will include helping you to find ways to deal with the normal stress of life as well as past or present problems you are having.

I urge you to explore my site to see if I may be of assistance to you, your family or a loved one.

Ask Me!

If after reading my site you are still confused or not sure if I can be of assistance for your particular needs please feel free to contact me via e-mail.  Offer a brief description of your problem and I will give you my honest feeling about my helping you.  I do not conduct counseling via e-mail and will not offer advice or services to non-clients.


Taylors office counseling room and client waiting room