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Insurances / Policies / HIPAA
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Insurance Plans Accepted:
  If your insurance company is not listed here please contact me to see if it can be added.

APS                                                                          Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Choice                                                               Carebridge
Companion                                                                Com Site
Deer Oaks                                                                
EAP Consultants Inc.
ETNA                                                                        Guardian Health
Kanawha                                                                   Life Synch
MCS                                                                         Magellian
Medcost                                                                    Mines & Associates
Multi-Plan                                                                  PAI
Partners Ins. Co.                                                       Premier Health Care Systems
Private Health Care Systems                                      Signa
Team EAP Services                                                   Tricare
United Health Care                                                   United Behavioral Health



Cancellation Policy:
All appointments are reserved time for clients.  The therapist saves this time for you.  If you must cancel, you are to give at least 36 hours notice by telephone.  Otherwise, you will be charged the full fee.  Insurance will not cover any of that fee therefore, any late cancellations will be your responsibility to pay.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability ACT)
I (client), have had explained to me and understand that all communication in my sessions is confidential with these exceptions:
  1. If the therapist believes I am a danger to myself or others s/he is obligated by law to make a report to the proper authorities.
  2. If a child is being abused in any way s/he is obligated by law to make a report to the proper authorities.
  3. Information necessary to my insurance billing will be made available to the insurance company.  That may be done via phone, mail, email fax, insurance internet site.  Appropriate precautions will be made to protect my identity information.  A representative may be hired by the therapist to do bookkeeping and records and will have information in order to do that.  S/he will have a signed statement of confidentiality on file.
  4. Any other sharing of information with other professionals must be approved by me in writing.

Fees are for 50 minute sessions.  The therapist saves this time for me.  If I must cancel, I have to give at least 36 hours notice by phone.  Otherwise I will be charged the full fee.  Insurance will not cover any of that fee.

The therapist will attempt to collect all fees from the insurance company.  However, if the insurance company does not pay; I am responsible for any fees.